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                Straight threaded sleeve for reinforcement

                發布日期:2018-12-18 總瀏覽:

                Straight thread steel sleeve @ yidu reach straight thread steel sleeve @ straight thread steel sleeve ? ? manufacturer steel straight screw sleeve connection technical features:

                1. High connection strength, stable and reliable connection quality. Joint strength of industry standard JGJ107-2010 "technical specification" reinforced mechanical connection of general grade Ⅰ joint in the performance of the requirements. The tensile strength of the joint shall not be less than 1.10 times of the actual tensile strength or the standard tensile strength of the steel bar to be connected. Good fatigue resistance. The joint has passed 2 million fatigue strength tests specified by the industry standard. Save material. Take the steel connecting sleeve with a diameter of 40mm as an example. The extruded sleeve weighs 4kg and the straight threaded sleeve is 1.1kg. The quality of the straight thread sleeve is 25% of that of the extruded sleeve, while the performance of the joint is comparable to that of the extruded joint.

                2. Convenient construction and fast connection speed. Steel wire head processing factory operation, does not occupy the construction period. Site connection and assembly operation, which takes short time. Steel wire head processing is simple. One loading of steel bar can complete two processes of rib stripping and thread rolling, which is characterized by fast processing speed and high precision of forming thread. A wide range of applications. Non-weldability requirements of steel bars, suitable for the diameter of 14~50mmHRB335, HRB400 steel bars in any direction of the same, reducer connection.

                3. Environmental protection construction. Steel wire head processing and joint construction site without noise pollution, no fire, no smoke, safe and reliable. Save energy. The power of the equipment is only 3~4kw, no special distribution facilities are needed, no special wires are needed. Good resistance to low temperature. Pass the -400c low temperature test. All day construction. Not affected by wind, rain, snow and other climatic conditions.

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