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It is true that certain cities around the world are paradises for artists. They are full of world’s greatest works. Moreover, they are home to top performers of all times. If you are an artist, then these cities are on your list of travel. In this post, we look into some of these great artistic cities and reasons you should visit them.

Top artistic cities

New York, USA

In fact, New York boasts a broad range of artistic forms ranging from fine art to performing arts. Also, it is a home to several fine art schools, art dealers, creative museums, performing art companies, and businesses more than any other city in the USA.

tgefcv6ywe7dfu2e8i2Manhattan is regarded to be a top artistic adventure. For instance, it is a home to the world’s famous institutions like Guggenheim Museum. Also, it offers incredible work of arts plus other hot spots. It is time you immerse yourself in contemporary galleries and local street art of Bushwick in Brooklyn. Another important place is Queens. It is a great attraction that hosts Queens Museum and great, incredible Socrates Sculpture Garden.

Paris, France

This is another paradise for art lovers. If you are one of them, it is time you visit Paris. In fact, it is a home to over 1,200 galleries. Moreover, this city is full of iconic art. The Louvre is considered to be the most notable and houses the historical Mona Lisa by de Vinci. You will find a broad range of contemporary galleries that will impress you. Some include Modus Art Gallery, La Maison Rouge, and Galerie Daniel Tempion. Another place you must visit is Belleville neighborhood.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

This is considered to be the top art city in Latin America. However, it may not be as famous as Paris or New York City. However, it is also full of artistic attractions. It showcases both the contemporary and modern Brazilian art and Sculpture gardens with more than 30 incredible works. If you are looking for emerging talents, then galleries such as Choque Cultural are a must visit.

Berlin, Germany

tgfw3efv6he7d8u2i2This is another varied scene across the world. In fact, Berlin is home to longest-standing institutions. Some of these institutions include Gemaldegalerie and Nationalgalerie. If you a lover of alternative art, then you should visit the new established Neue Nationalgalerie and Friedrichshain.

Lagos, Nigeria

This is the largest city in West Africa. It has emerged as a hotspot in art world leading other cities in Africa such as Nairobi.…