Essential functions of mass communication

In this modern era, mass communication and media play a vital role. Businesses are connecting to stakeholders and customers more than ever through social media and traditional means of communication. Moreover, companies are using contemporary means of communication to share opinions, news, and information. The following are useful functions of mass communication.

Sharing information and news

tg2wefcv76yhwed2uj9i22Sharing information and news about global and global events is one of the major functions of mass media and communication. Although Twitter and Facebook are leading social networking platforms, they also work as news outlets. Nowadays, firms are using traditional media and social media to reach engage readers and reach their target audiences. With the modern tools, consumers feel informed and connected.

Opinion discussion

This is another important function. In fact, mass media has a purpose of shaping the opinion of its audience by involving it in interactive discussions. You should note that the audience can be exposed to different viewpoints and even shape their opinion. Features in magazines and newspapers bring some in-depth analysis to events, which further shape one’s opinion.


Surveillance relates to the constant flow of information about different events taking place across the world. Magazines, TV networks, and newspapers gather information and present it cohesively. You should note that surveillance is divided into:

  • Updates about new recipes, stock markets, products, and much more
  • Warnings regarding weather changes, threats, and much more


This is related to surveillance. Communicators know their responsibilities of offering correct and reliable facts to avoid undesirable consequences. Nowadays, communicators only offer information about events but plus their ultimate significance and meaning. Documentaries, panel discussions, and articles offer this function.

Cultural transmission

t2gwedf6hedfucj2You should note that mass communication is quite useful for cultural transmission. Nowadays, a lot of people engage in blogs, newsletters, and forums. In fact, they are developing relationships, which were not possible in the last few years. For instance, it has presented role models, which other imitate and feel inspired. In fact, diverse communities are now virtually connected even if they are far apart physically.


This is another useful function of mass communication. In the last few years, entertainment functions could be fulfilled by interpersonal interaction. Nowadays, people are getting adequate leisure time, and needs for quality entertainment is required. Through different shows on TV and movies, people feel relaxed and can enjoy their leisure time. You can easily post creative works and videos on various video sharing channels such as Vimeo and YouTube.