How the Bong Works

Cannabis is consumed in various ways, one of the most popular ways in which it is consumed is through the bongs. The bong is also referred to multiple slang names just like the cannabis itself. Some of these terms include binger, bing, and billy. Over time, the bong has been engrained in the cannabis culture which has made some smokers inanimate them.

History of the bong

smoking The bong has undergone various modification since it was first made in Thailand. The bong is like the hookah which refers to a kind of water pipe that is used for smoking the flavored tobacco. The hookahs, however, have a hose as the mouthpiece that can be designed in such a way to make many individuals smoke from a single bowl. The bongs are available in different sizes and shapes. There are also available in various materials namely bamboo, wood, glass, and plastic just but to mention a few.

Parts of a bong

The bong is made of different parts which are then fixed to constitute the bong. These parts are joined together using various techniques because different materials are used to make the bong. Let us look at the different parts of the bongs that is used for smoking cannabis.


The bowl refers to the bulbous attachment whereby the dried cannabis is usually loaded and then lit. It is typically adjustable which means that the smoker can either slide it or pull it depending on his preference.


Carb is an abbreviation of the term carburetor. This refers to a tiny hole that enables the smoker to clear the smoke from the bong. The glass bong has the slide carb whereas the other types of bongs have what is referred to as the pull-carb. The carb can be seen when the bowl is removed.


The downstem refers to the small tube from which the smoke usually travels from the bowl to the base. Once it gets to the base, it will then percolate through the water. The water bongs have an elongated downstem.


The base refers to the bottom of this smoking apparatus. It usually takes different shapes which are determined by the style of the bong. There are some that are beaker-shaped whereas others are bubble-shaped. The design is made in such a way so that the water chamber is created which typically cools the smokes. This happens when the vapor is passed through the water.


tube The tube is the part of the bong that usually ends up in the mouthpiece. It is the chamber that is filled with the smoke after it has passed filtration through the water. The ice pinch which is another feature of this smoking device is usually included in the design of the tube. The parts of a bong take different colors, designs, and shapes; this is determined the intended function of the bong. Watch the video below on how the bong works;

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